Scope of Responsibilities
Providing a day-to-day HSE service that is effective and suitable to support objectives. Analysing regular, reliable data for the purposes of monitoring HSE performance.

Primary Duties
Provide site leadership and drive in coordination with site Safety supervisors to implement HSE Standards.
Ensure all work and procedures are aligned to Clients HSEMS and Golden Rules.
Ensure our HSE priorities are aligned to the clients. 
Main role is to support the HSE Manager by providing step by step HSE guidance into the detailed planning of all project activities, thus ensuring that HSE is built into all levels of the detailed plan. 
Assist HSE Manager to develop a safety training plan for contractors supporting the project execution plan ensuring they are fully competent in Safety Roles such as vessel entry stand-by man, firewatcher etc.

  • Team member in incident investigation process.
  • Support in delivering the project execution and HSE plan.
  • Possess expert knowledge in, and mentor all parties to strictly implement site compliance with HSE Procedures for all of the following, and any others as directed:
  • Site access permissions/inductions.
  • Personnel display their personal identification.
  • Risk recognition / risk awareness.
  • Hazards & Precautions. The removal of, and/or mitigation for.
  • Permits to Work, Isolation Certificates, Toolbox Talks & Checklists training and monitoring/ measuring of use and compliance.
  • Mentor a receptive culture to any personnel highlighting situations they perceive as unsafe.
  • If / when the agreed scope of work differs from the daily plan. STOP, reassess, discuss with all parties and ensure The Permit to Work associated paperwork, PPE, Logistics and materials capture and cover the needs of the new scenario.
  • Key personnel familiarity with Piping & Instrumentation Drawings.
  • Stress the hazards, precautions, boundaries and controls to be followed when working in close proximity to live plant.
  • Avoid job creep.
  • Applying positive isolations, integrity testing and recording.
  • Line walking pre & post task.
  • Good housekeeping on site and within Camp.
  • Planned (or impromptu) Site and Camp inspections.
  • Purging, washing, containment when draining & pressure testing.
  • Breaking of, and re-establishing hydrocarbon containment.
  • Utility hose best practise.
  • Total compliance with confined space procedure & protocol.
  • Monitor suitability and deployment of Standby men, and Fire Watchers or Wardens.
  • Adequate provision of static equipment ventilation.
  • Selection and use of Gas Plugs and N2 blanketing.
  • Earthing / grounding of equipment to be in place and proven.
  • BA Set & Grit Blaster / Painter Hood breathing air fundamentals.
  • Able to train personnel in BA and Escape Set use.
  • PPE selection; due care of, and its correct use.
  • Noxious, carcinogenic, asphyxiate, toxic and flammable properties of process residuals, inert gases, coatings & solvents.
  • Criticality of Gas Testing method and frequency.
  • Manual handling in and out of confined spaces.
  • Grit blasting & coating application techniques; effects & hazards.
  • Daily visual & periodic formal testing of; vehicles, lifting equipment, pressure testing equipment, utility hoses etc.
  • Scaffold provision, integrity and working at heights.
  • Dropped objects & trip hazard mitigation.
  • High pressure testing and exclusion zone observance.
  • NDT exclusion zone observance.
  • Train & place great emphasis on H2S and N2 hazard awareness.
  • Crane, Forklift, Loader and Mobile Compressor procedure & etiquette.
  • Heavy lifting assessment, planning & observation of exclusion zones.
  • Venomous animal & insect hazards.
  • Dehydration and Heat Stroke prevention.
  • Safe working in remote locations.
  • Obeisance to security instruction.
  • Promote defensive & safe driving behaviours.
  • Conduct training needs gap analysis’ and report findings to The HSE Manager.
  • Conduct formal and ad hoc HSE training activities; invite discipline experts as you feel necessary or as directed.
  • Be conversant with Petrofac’s accident and incident investigation procedures and policies and support The HSE Manager on incident and accident investigations.
  • Foster a culture of HSE openness; “two way” non-defensive dialogue with teams.
  • Follow up and timely closure of actions from accident or incident investigation.
  • Lead on HSE or mentor personnel during all Risk Assessments
  • Provide detailed data for inclusion in the monthly HSE report and feed this to The HSE Manager.
  • Immediately report and record detail on any incidents or near misses and potential hazards.
  • Introduce a safety observation programme or work with the clients programme if one exists
    Support the HSE Manager in ensuring all project risks and mitigation measures are in the detailed plan prior to commencement of the work.
  • Ensure all PPE requirements are available in stores and correct stock levels are maintained and issues are controlled.
  • Mentor all on the potential hazards or consequences on misuse of PPE.
  • Be fully aware of the medical facilities and first aid support within the project and Medevac procedures.
  • Carry out audits and checks on food preparation, storage and waste disposal
    Participate in regular site HSE audits.
  • In partnership with the accommodation contractor, ensure rooms and offices are correctly cleaned and maintained.
  • Provide The HSE Manager with information as required for client HSE reports.
  • Become conversant with in-country HSE Laws, regulations & behaviours.
  • Support The HSE Manager to provide performance measures and targets for all HSE activities within the project.
  • Become fully conversant with all Security Procedures and regulations and ensure this is part of the induction brief as a re-enforcement measure.
  • Help develop and ensure site implementation of environmental procedures that deal with waste disposal, response to spills and leaks and emissions to atmosphere.
    Participate in regular emergency response exercises.
  • Posses good knowledge and understanding of gas testing requirements.
  • Supervise the HSE Advisors and HSE Inspectors who are under his supervisory. Develop work plans and locations for them. Collect the daily weekly reports from the advisors and inspectors, evaluate, filter and submit the cumulative report to HSE Manager.

Job / Cost Impact
Main impact is on assisting with limited budget monitoring in relation to any of the project specific security expenditure including physical, technical, static and mobile security.

Decision Making Authority
In the assigned location, he has authority to change the locations of Advisors, Inspectors
Stop any unsafe activity or hold until the necessary safety mitigations are taken.

Supervisory Responsibility
Shall be able to supervise the contractors, contractors HSE team, Petrofac HSE Advisors and HSE Inspectors and Work Contacts.

Essential to maintain a good working relationship with:

  • HSE Manager
  • Contractor HSE Managers
  • Client representatives

Physical Effort and Work Environment
Duties may necessitate long or irregular hours to meet project objectives in potentially hostile security environments and remote locations.

Minimum Requirement

  • 8+ years’ experience in Petrochemical or Oil and Gas operations in an HSE role.
  • Degree or recognised HSE qualification for a senior management role.
  • NEBOSH and or IOSH accreditation essential.
  • Certified Gas Tester & First Aider.
  • Good presentation skills advantageous.
  • Proven supervisory experience and able to lead by example.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English essential. Knowledge of Arabic advantageous.
  • Experience in report writing and compilation is required.
  • HSE leadership attributes with personnel from diverse cultures and locations.
  • Of strong character and able to have difficult conversations with all levels of staff on safety related matters

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