Heeremheerema-marine-contractors_logoa Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world leading marine contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry. HMC excels at transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities. These include fixed and floating structures, subsea pipelines and infrastructures in shallow waters, deep and ultra deep waters.

HMC manages the entire supply chain of offshore construction, from design through to completion. Headquartered in Leiden, our services encompass engineering, planning, logistics, project management and execution of projects all over the world. We are proud of our excellence in project management and engineering, our passionate workforce and a fleet that includes formidable heavy lift and deepwater construction vessels.

De tak Exploration-Production van de Groep omvat iets meer dan 17.000 medewerkers in een vijftigtal landen. Met een uitgebreide mijnbouwindustrie, een ambitieuze R&D-afdeling en geavanceerde technologieën als stevige basis exploiteert Exploration-Production steeds complexere projecten in een uiterst gediversifieerde geografische en technische context.

  • 4 billion m3 natural gas produced yearly on the Dutch North Sea
  • 22 platforms produce 10% of the Dutch natural gas consumption
  • 350 service stations
  • 2,500 employees