Working at Jenz Offshore

When you work offshore, you are working at sea. This means that there are important aspects to this work that are not found in onshore work.
It is, of course, quite an experience to work on a platform for an extended period of time. You need to possess good social and mental qualities to be successful in your work. You will travel internationally, be transported by helicopter to the offshore platform, and be given a variety of responsibilities that make offshore work challenging. It is incredibly hard work but you can also enjoy life on an offshore platform. You will have internet access, sports facilities, good food, and opportunities for relaxation. There are more than enough facilities to keep you entertained. This is what makes offshore work a fantastic challenge.

Jenz Offshore also offers its employees excellent employment conditions. You can work offshore or onshore. We are focused on personal guidance, training, and development. We also offer optimal working conditions, and safety is assured through targeted education, training, and courses. Together we create your perfect job. That’s what we call teamwork!

Jenz Offshore Team
Meet our professional team! Every member of our team is a dedicated individual who wants to guide you from the beginning to the end in getting an offshore job. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality
Jenz Offshore policy is primarily dedicated to ensuring that all the company’s activities are performed in a manner that prevents any health, quality, arbo (Dutch occupational health and safety regulations), and environmental incidents. We always adhere to the applicable laws and regulations and to the demands of our clients.

The quality policy of Jenz Offshore focuses on the optimal monitoring of work-related tasks in order to guarantee the quality of work expected by the client. Implementing targeted training enhances the level of knowledge of our employees. The streamlining of the process is further supported by process-oriented and uniform work. This is how Jenz Offshore avoids mistakes. As a high-quality contractor, Jenz Offshore wants to provide its services to the utmost satisfaction of its customers all around the world.

Occupational health and safety
A streamlined policy ensures that incidents resulting in physical and psychological harm or material damages can be avoided. The identification and management of risks when performing work are central to occupational health and safety policy.

The environmental policy is focused on preventing or minimizing the environmental impact and disturbance of the surrounding area as a result of our activities.

Optimal and continued improvement
Jenz Offshore strives for continual improvements in all the areas and activities in which the organization is involved. Concrete goals and plans of action are annually defined following an analysis of available data.



Life on an Offshore platform
Are you ready to test your limits? Are you looking for a challenging position with a great salary? Would you like to work six months per year and do you want to take on an adventure where you can grow? Do you want to travel and work hard? Do you take on stress and face dangers? But do you also enjoy the pressure balanced with relaxation? Are you bored just thinking about a ‘nine-to-five’ job? Do you think you could take on this challenge? Then enquire about an offshore position via Jenz Offshore.

Offshore. Here I come
Taxi? Not quite. You will be travelling to work by helicopter. If you work internationally, all your flights from the Netherlands to wherever you need to be in the world are arranged for you. Once you arrive on the platform you will work uninterrupted for fourteen to twenty-one days of twelve-hour shifts.

Every day you will enjoy four well-prepared meals that have been cooked by a cook or a catering company. You have to take good care of yourself because you will need every last bit of energy. The work is hard and every day brings new dangers and stress. You will be working together with a team. You will have the opportunity to train yourself and learn many new skills that will help you grow and advance on the job ladder. As an offshore employee you will want for nothing.

Welcome aboard!
Meals, accommodation, and relaxation are all provided for you. You do not need to pay anything. This make working in the offshore industry even more attractive.

Offshore education
If you are just entering the job market without any experience or relevant education you can still find a place in the offshore industry. You can often start your career in the offshore industry in positions such as Maintenance Roustabout or General Roustabout without any relevant prior qualifications. If you are an experienced welder or scaffolder there are many different options available to you. In the Netherlands you just need one piece of paper, the SCC Certificate, to be allowed in the harbour. The SCC Certificate is issued by the Netherlands’ Safety, Health and the Environment Checklist Contractors. This is the most important certificate for safe work in the Netherlands. Everybody who performs work that has an increased risk of bodily harm has to be SCC certified. Completing the SCC course provides you with the necessary information and knowledge about working safely, and about health and environmental awareness.

Offshore Safety training: a prerequisite
While you do not need any specific prior qualifications for entry-level jobs in the offshore industry, you are required to follow Offshore Safety Training in addition to the SCC Certificate. Offshore Safety Training includes: First Aid, safety training, evacuation and helicopter flight procedures, emergency landing procedures, survival techniques, fire prevention, firefighting, and survival at sea.

If you are looking for a job higher than entry level then you do need to have completed a relevant education such as intermediate vocational education (MBO) or higher vocational education (HBO) in Engineering. Every position has its own set of required education and training, skills, and experience.

Are you interested? We would like to tell you more about your possibilities! Please contact us for more information.