Travel documents
Before departure all passengers will get a safety check. They have to bring a valid passport or European identity card with them. Offshore passengers without a valid passport or identity card will not be checked in.

Offshore passengers are not allowed to bring any hand luggage with them. All luggage has to be checked in as hold luggage. More information regarding luggage is available on the website of Den Helder AirportNOGEPA

In consult with the executive air company, passengers of private jets are able to bring some hand luggage.

Forbidden goods
It is not allowed to bring sharp or pointy objects within your hand luggage or in/on your clothings. This also goes for pocket knives, (tie) pins, nail files, scissors, razorblades, etc.

Forbidden goods are every kind of fire weapon or replicas, pointed and sharp objects, explosives and inflammable substances (aerosols), chemical and toxic substances.

Mobile phones
It is allowed to bring your mobile phone in the plane or helicopter, but only when it is turned off.

Offshore passengers need to inform Security about their medications.
More information regarding ‘health and safety’ is available on the website of NOGEPA.

It is not allowed to carry any E-Cigarettes or refills, when containing more then 5% nicotine, or are marked with GHS signs (dangerous goods) E-Cigarettes and refills which are allowed should only be transported in your luggage.